Cotton Candy & Ice Cream Burritos Are The Dessert Mashup Of Your Dreams


Ice cream burrito cotton candy


The latest food mashup looks perfect for a unicorn feast and might actually be even better than anything Starbucks could ever create.

This colorful innovation is a cotton candy-wrapped ice cream burrito and it’s sold exclusively at Sugar Sugar dessert shop in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

The treat shop shared a video of a chef making the dessert and it looks utterly magical. The chef first spins a mound of cotton candy and then flattens it to a tortilla shape. After he flattens the cotton candy, he fills the cotton candy tortilla with three flavors of ice cream (bubblegum, birthday cake and cotton candy). He follows that up sprinkles on “unicorn dust” before rolling the cotton candy/ice cream burrito and cutting it in half.

There have been questions ever since the video came out. How does the ice cream not melt through the cotton candy? Why would anyone ever think of flattening cotton candy?

Well, there’s one simple answer to both of those questions. When the cotton candy is flattened, the density of it stops the ice cream from melting through so fast. The same principle with ice cream still applies: eat it fast.

As good is the unicorn dessert is, having “unicorn dust” stuck on your fingers for days doesn’t sound all that appealing.

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