New Dating App Helps Connect Users With Celeb Lookalikes

There’s a new dating app on the market and it’s programmed to help match its users with people who look like their favorite celebrities. Well, ok, there’s actually more to it than that.

The app’s name is Dating AI, and it uses facial recognition software to scan a picture and then scan profiles through various other dating services (like Tinder, for example) and gives you a list of lookalikes and links to find them on their respective sites/apps. Not only does it provide quite a few pre-set celebrities to choose from, you can even scan photos from your phone¬†or your friends’ profiles on Facebook. Is it getting weird yet? Maybe a little. At that point why not just date your friend, but I digress.

While the app already has over 15,000 users, other dating apps are not too pleased with it. Tinder has allegedly been in contact with Dating AI’s developer to discuss the possible¬†issues with the app, including accusations that the use of facial scanning software violates their terms of service.

Other sites are even less pleased. Rumor has it that PlentyOfFish is trying to get the app removed from the iTunes App Store all together!

BuzzFeed recently tested the app out and they say its facial recognition software is surprisingly accurate. Sure, you won’t be finding an exact Zac Efron lookalike and there will be plenty of bad catfish (seriously, we can tell that’s not Beyonce!) but of the legitimate choices, well, let’s just say they’re pretty uncanny. It even did a good job with user-uploaded photos.

Romance does have its roots in attraction, so why not give it a test run? Worst case scenario, you can just delete it. And who knows, you may just find your Ryan Gosling to reenact La La Land scenes with, because why not?

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