Dream Job Alert: Man Takes Photos Of Cute Dogs For A Living













Elias Weiss Friedman may have the best job in the world. The 29-year-old takes pictures of dogs for a living. And not blurry snapshots of dogs, but rather professional-grade adorable pictures. Friedman runs the popular Instagram account @thedogist that takes pictures of random dogs. He also a New York Times bestseller for his book The Dogist.

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Friedman used to be in the corporate world but got laid off in 2013. He told Buzzfeed that during his time off, he traveled to Europe, posted some pictures of dogs that he saw to his Instagram and saw that people loved it. Being inspired by those posts he created The Dogist for fun.

Since 2013, The Dogist has over 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone. And Friedman fully supports himself through his dog Insta. Don’t quite your day job just yet because when I mean professional dog photos I really do mean it. Friedman captures the perfect shot by holding tennis balls or treats. Not only are the photos high-grade cuteness but his captions are great too. He somehow gets the perfect quote from the dog’s owner that makes the viewer feel like they know that dog.

Yeah, he walks A LOT and in terrible weather sometimes for the perfect snap of the perfect dog but that sounds a whole lot better than working in an office. Trading in a computer for a tennis ball to take pictures of pups all day sounds like a dream.

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