Lena Dunham’s Reason For Giving Up Her Rescue Dog Is Heart-Wrenching







Any Lena Dunham fan would be able to tell you that Lamby, her adorable rescue dog and former Instagram star, hasn’t been pictured on her social media accounts for quite some time now.

Lamby used to be a frequent subject of Dunham’s photos and it was clear that the two had a strong bond.


Dunham finally gave her followers an answer to the question, “Where is Lamby?” when she posted a photo of the white pooch for the first time since last year.

The caption read:

A lot of you have been asking where Lamby is these days since he’s always been the star of my gram and I’ve been posting pics of my poodle girls. Well, you know honesty is my jam but this one has been really heartbreaking to talk about. But I feel I have to share that last March, after four years of challenging behavior and aggression that could not be treated with training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership, Lamby went to live at an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles @matt_thezendog where an awesome person named @therealdanishay (who is educated in a rescue dog’s specific trauma) loves him so hard.


She continued to share the heartbreaking story of the fluffy rescue pup who, unfortunately, has a horrific past that animals should never have to endure.

“Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a pup that made having him in a typical home environment dangerous to him and others- we needed to be responsible to ourselves, our neighbors and especially our beloved boy. Jack and I will miss him forever but sometimes when you love something you have to let it go (especially when it requires tetanus shots and stitches.)”

Are you crying yet?

“Someday I’ll really write about the pain and relief of letting Lamby go off and really be Lamby, biting and peeing in his own mouth and all. There were so many lessons in it, about foregivng myself and loving with an open palm and giving into a larger plan. Shout out to @jennikonner for listening to endless hours of Lamby pain, and especially my partner @jackantonoff for loving him even when he ruined floors and couches and our life. Jack knows what Lamby means to me and he let me come to the decision in my own time even when it made his days challenging. Susan & Karen will never be my first loves, but they are fuzzy and hilarious stuffing for the hole Lamby left and we cherish them deeply #lamby #thefirstcutisthedeepest #foreverlamb”

She then expressed the importance of giving a rescue dog the care that they need rather than sending them back to the shelter as soon as you realize you can’t handle them.

“PS If you have a similar situation, please know its possible to responsibly re-home your rescue rather than sending them back to the shelter system. It can require patience, diligence and often a financial contribution but there are solutions that leave everyone happy and safe. You will always have been your dog’s first stop outside shelter life and that’s beautiful.”

Here is Lamby (right) in his new home.


Back in 2014, Dunham shared a bloody picture of a bite she received from Lamby after he freaked out over the sound of the doorbell. The post has since been taken down, butĀ her followers called Dunham out saying that she was “unfit” to own a dog.

Gawker even published an article about why Dunham’s pup should be taken away from her. “It is not enough to take an anxious, defensive dog home and tell it you love it, and then go about your business,” they wrote. “A rescue dog needs intense attention and supervision. Lena Dunham is clearly not willing to do that work. She does not care enough about Lamby to keep him from going around biting people. She does not regard the fact that her dog bites people as anything worth doing something about.”

Her recent post proves otherwise.

Canine aggression is a complicated behaviorĀ pattern and it takes time to fix, but dogs that exhibit a threatening demeanor aren’t any less deserving of a home; they will just take up some more time and effort.

ASPCA states that there isn’t a guarantee that a dog can be cured of aggression, but that doesn’t mean that a dog who bites is a lost cause, but it’s important to note that aggression can be reduced and even eliminated with the correct care.

We’re just glad that Dunham made an intelligent decision for the happiness of Lamby.

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