Lure Hsu’s Instagram Is Basically #AestheticGoals

Lure Hsu recently made a splash as her age astounded her thousands of followers.

The Taiwanese interior designer is 41 years old, but hardly looks a day over 21 and we’re just really going to need more details on her skincare routine ASAP.

How does she maintain her youthful looks?

She is a fan of drinking water and eating vegetables and says it’s crucial to stay hydrated. She avoids sugary drinks, such as Coke, but does drink a black coffee every morning. She also maintains a vegetarian diet and avoids strong dipping sauces, such as satay and curry. Lure also recommends that women moisturize their skin every day and use sunscreen at all times. Her regimen also includes nutritional supplements every day, including Vitamin C pills and collagen, to keep her skin glowing and healthy.

Basically, give us a full outline of the whole routine, Lure!

Her Instagram account is full of selfies detailing her travels, fashion inspo and lots of adventure. The grid game is strong and her account is officially a must-follow for anyone hoping to see the world and do it fashionably (all in a muted color scheme, obvi).

Check out some of Lure’s best pics and make sure to double-tap freely.

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