You Will NEVER Guess How Old This Woman Is

Even in your mid-twenties, it’s important to start prepping your anti-aging process, especially in regards to your skin. Will you actually do that? Hell no. Ages 20-25 are not for caring about getting old, they’re for exploring your post-grad options (including the dreaded job search!), having fun, being a little selfish and basically enjoying your youth while it’s still readily available to you. Should you be doing some anti-aging masks, washing your makeup off before bed, applying sunscreen and making sure to keep fast food out of your diet? Obvi. Will you be sleeping in your makeup, indulging in Shake Shack and maybe occasionally grabbing a fun mask on a Sephora run? Probably.

There’s nothing wrong with ageing, gracefully or otherwise, but one Taiwanese woman is exemplifying the possibilities of defying the confines of age. How’s she doing it?

Meet Lure Hsu.

Lure Hsu is also known as Fashionable Lure and she has accumulated thousands of followers across her social platforms, including Instagram. She works as an interior designer and her younger sister is a notable Taiwanese actress, Sharon Hsu.

Sharon wished Lure a happy birthday a few years ago and fans were shocked at her age. Just how old is she?

Lure is 41.

Yep, 41.


How does she maintain her youthful looks?

She is a fan of drinking water and eating vegetables and says it’s crucial to stay hydrated. She avoids sugary drinks, such as Coke, but does drink a black coffee every morning.

She also maintains a vegetarian diet and avoids strong dipping sauces, such as satay and curry.

Lure recommends that women moisturize their skin every day and use sunscreen at all times.

Her regimen also includes nutritional supplements every day, including Vitamin C pills and collagen, to keep her skin glowing and healthy.

Now, do you need to do all that? No. If you want to look young and fresh, start now, but don’t change everything. You’re only young once. Stick to moisturizing, removing makeup, drinking water and avoiding fatty foods (but indulge when you want. Treat yourself!!!!).

[H/T Daily Mail]

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