‘Drake & Josh’ Fans Are Attacking Miranda Cosgrove’s Instagram

By now, almost everyone knows about the drama going on between Drake Bell and Josh Peck.

If you’re still in the dark here’s a crash course: Earlier this weekend, Josh Peck tied the knot with his girlfriend, Paige O’Brien, and fans were devastated when they found out that Josh’s longtime acting partner, Drake Bell, was not invited to the wedding. Drake let fans know on Twitter through a series of now-deleted subtweets that the friendship between Drake and Josh is officially over. Fans were even more surprised to find out that the dynamic duo weren’t that dynamic in the end.

Josh recently appeared on┬áTheo Von and Matthew Cole’s podast, Allegedly, and revealed that the question that most annoys him is a very common one: Where’s Drake? He also admitted that he has no idea what’s going on with his former cast member.

Fans aren’t over the wedding snub and Josh isn’t giving any answers, so they’ve taken to popping up on Miranda Cosgrove’s Instagram page . Cosgrove played Drake and Josh’s little sister on Drake & Josh and fans have commented on her account asking questions about the wedding. Fans have gone so far as to say she stole Drake’s invitation. That comment was quickly dissolved when other fans pointed out that she wasn’t invited to the wedding either.


We’re surprised she hasn’t disabled comments.

This just proves that just because actors have good chemistry on TV, doesn’t mean they’re friends in real life. We can still pretend the friendship was real while we watch re-runs.

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