Apparently You Can Dye Your Hair With Mountain Dew

There are a lot of ways to add some color to your hair. Some people use lemon juice to brighten their locks and others use tea or herbs to color their hair. But no one has really used soda, like Mountain Dew, for example, until this man put it to the test.

Los Angeles-based YouTube star Bradlee Wannemacher created his very own DIY hair dye just by using Mountain Dew Code Red. Don’t take this lightly, it is Mountain Dew, but this vlogger proved that the soda isn’t only used for drinking.

The YouTuber is well known for grabbing food out of his fridge for coloring his hair. He’s even looked through his pantry just to get his hands on anything to use on his hair. For his most recent video, Wannemacher came across a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red to dye his platinum blond hair.

“I chose the red Mountain Dew because the red is going to show up in your hair better than any other color,” he said in a recent video. “The lemon-lime color won’t work.”

In order to create the red-orange shade he desired, Wannemacher combined his own hair dye formula by mixing two-thirds conditioner (he used Tresemmé Botanique Nourish and Replenish Conditioner), and one-third Code Red Mountain Dew all in a large pot. After mixing thoroughly, the substance became a thick, creamy paste. Then, he brought the mix into the shower where he applied the hair dye on the top of his head.

After 40 minutes of waiting for the dye to set, Wannemacher thoroughly rinsed the mix from his hair and his hair went from platinum blond to dusty rose. Even though it wasn’t entirely the color he wanted, it still worked!

You can watch more DIY hair dye videos on Wannemacher’s YouTube channel.

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