Toronto Teacher Loses 100 Pounds After Husband Blindsides Her

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Who doesn’t love a great empowering weight loss story? It’s always inspiring to watch a woman turn her life around and get the revenge body she deserves while learning to love herself.

One of these stories belongs to Jennifer Velardi, a teacher from Toronto, Canada, who started gaining weight when she began comforting herself with food after her mother’s suicide in 2011.

Her mother’s death came less than a year after Velardi’s wedding. Velardi had become used to turning to food as a means of escape to cope with her mother’s mental health struggles and after her mom’s suicide, she continued to eat.

The Daily Mail Online

At her heaviest point, Velardi weighed 237 lbs.

Velardi was evidently upset about the way her life was going but not ready to change. Her wake-up call came when her husband went on vacation with his family and then emailed her on the day she was supposed to pick him up from the airport, telling her that he was not coming home.

“It was like a slap in the face for me and woke me up from an emotional coma that I was in after my mum passed,” Velardi said.

Prior to her husband’s exit, Velardi noticed that he had already started pulling away from the relationship, especially once her mom passed away. “Our marriage was very rocky, I was going through a very emotional time,” Velardi admitted. “I wasn’t always easy. I was depressed. As my weight continued to steadily increase from stress it got worst and worst between us.”

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Velardi does say that she doesn’t believe that he left her solely because of her weight gain. She says that his decision was based on a lot of different factors, including the fact that when she had tried to lose weight in the past, he told her to stop eating rabbit food and when she would ask him to go for walks with her, he would laugh.

“Even though he didn’t explicitly tell me that he was turned off my by size, his behavior made me feel very unwanted, unattractive and unworthy.”

Following the split, Velardi decided that it was time to regain control over her life and she did exactly that.

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Velardi lost weight by ditching junk food. She began keeping track of her calories and monitoring her portion control. She also slowly but steadily increased her workouts from walking to jogging to weight training.

The Daily Mail Online

Last year she had an abdominoplasty and brachioplasty and is scheduled for a thighplasty later this year. All these procedures work to tighten and remove excess skin after extensive weight loss.

At 139 lbs., Velardi is currently living the positive, healthy lifestyle that her mother always wished for her.

Velardi’s journey is a great reminder that we should never lose track of our goals, how to achieve them and what we deserve.

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