This 18-Year-Old Domino’s Delivery Driver Is Taylor Swift’s Doppelganger

You’ve probably been told you look like a celebrity at some point or another. It’s always fun to hear who your celeb lookalike is, though it can range from flattering to “THANKS!” insulting.

Teegan Jarratt, an 18-year-old Domino’s delivery driver from Queensland, Australia, heard about her famous doppelganger in one of the most exciting ways possible.

Jarratt says she started to get attention from passersby thinking that she was Taylor Swift. It began with stares and escalated to being stopped on the street to pose for selfies. Never in her wildest dreams (get it?!) did she believe that she could be paid to go to children’s parties and pretend to be the mega-famous pop singer.

Though she didn’t quite see the resemblance, Jarratt began to document the similarities between the two on her Instagram. There wasn’t much blank space (you tired of this yet? I’m here all night!) between the commonalities of their poses and styles.

The attention was a little much at first.

“Last year in the Gold Coast a whole heap of cars stopped and had to be told to move along because they thought I was Taylor Swift,” Jarratt told DailyMail. “People were pulling over and jumping out of their cars. Paparazzi started getting their cameras out thinking I was her and following me. I’m still self-conscious but not as much as I used to be. If anything, it’s boosted my confidence.”

She admitted that she once suffered from anorexia and often shied away from too much time in the limelight due to anxiety.

Eventually, she decided to do something good for those with similar problems.

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Jarratt arranged Tay Tay Parties, which provided photos, karaoke and dancing games for young children and Taylor Swift fans for $100 AUD (£60) per 90 minutes.

Eventually, she wants to become a model or pursue a career as a police officer. Jarratt also wants to help inspire women to love themselves and seek help for mental health issues.

“It’d be good to help people who suffer from the same thing I’ve suffered from,” Jarratt said. “You should be confident with your body and don’t compare yourself to others.”

Taylor Swift Stalker

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Luckily, she doesn’t have to look too far for some helpful words of wisdom.

“[Taylor Swift] doesn’t let anything bring her down, she overcomes her haters,” Jarratt said.

No matter what, shake it off, Teegan.

[H/T: DailyMail]

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