You Should Be Following Asahd Khaled On Instagram

Asahd Khaled is probably the most famous baby on Instagram. The seven-month-old has 862,000 followers on Instagram and is most likely going to be winning a Grammy before he’s even out of diapers. In case you didn’t know, Asahd’s dad is the famous hit-maker DJ Khaled, and like any good dad, DJ Khaled made his young son one of the executive producers on his upcoming album, Grateful. Asahd can’t even walk on his own yet and he’s already making hits with Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper and Rihanna.

DJ Khaled Asad Khaled

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Not only is baby Asahd making beats with his dad, he’s also featured on Grateful’s two covers. I guess Asahd and his Dad couldn’t agree on which picture was better, so why not have both? One cover is of Asahd posted up in a hot tub with his chubby baby arms on full display. The other cover is of Asahd and DJ Khaled in matching powder blue suits. Asahd is sitting on a mini throne next to a lion cub and it’s pretty epic.

DJ Khaled Asahd Khaled

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Some people may look at Asahd’s executive producer status as a dumb showy move from his dad, but scrolling through his Instagram, you can see that DJ Khaled just really loved his son. He practically Snapchatted Asahd’s birth. His posts are flashy, funny and filled with celebrities. He’s not even one and has already got a kiss from Rhianna.

We can’t wait for his first birthday in October. Asahd’s big day will put any super sweet 16 to shame.

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