Just Like Your Dad, Diddy Probably Can’t Tell Kylie & Kendall Jenner Apart










Asking the average heterosexual male over the age of 30 to tell Kylie and Kendall Jenner apart is a roller-coaster ride. Perhaps they’ll mention one being hotter than the other (typical), but they will most likely look confused, their eyes flashing between confusion and vague recognition, possibly shaking their head. “Yeah, I don’t know,” they say, while mentioning that they don’t watch much TV or don’t follow celebrities on Instagram. In your heart, depending on how you feel about the Kardashian empire, you’ll feel either vindication or confusion.

WELL, turns out rapper, producer and all-around mogul Diddy (formerly Puff, formerly P.Diddy, formerly J.Lo’s boyfriend) is no different from the average man and he┬áproved it by posting an amazing Instagram photo. If you check out the Boomerang of Diddy and Kendall Jenner toasting and partying, the caption is correctly labeled. Diddy wrote, “#aboutlastnight @kendalljenner #cantstopwontstop.” I repeat, this is correct and the girl pictured is indeed Kendall Nicole Jenner, the elder child of Caitlyn Jenner and All-Knowing Empress Kris Jenner.


That said, screenshots are the only source of truth in this strange world and it turns out that Diddy’s caption wasn’t always accurately tagging the right Jenner. He originally shouted-out the younger sister, Kylie, and of course, Twitter came through with the receipts.


For reference, here’s Kendall.


And here’s Kylie.


Ok, yes, to the naked eye, they look alike. They are sisters, so this is common. I bet plenty of people have told you that you also resemble a family member.

BUT Diddy knows their siblings and can very much tell the Kardashians apart. Kourtney allegedly dates his son, Quincy. Khloe, Kourtney and Kim are not exactly a diverse group, so it almost seems like a slight bit of shade on Diddy’s part in terms of subconsciously refusing to learn which one of the younger sisters is Kylie and which one is Kendall. Also, Kendall is significantly taller than Kylie. Kylie is curvier. Kylie has huge lips, those are her signature. There are some concrete differences here, people. If you’ve watched a few episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you will be able to keep up.

Either way, Twitter lost their damn minds and sang Diddy’s praises. Of course, it was funny.



Diddy eventually came through with a dramatic (albeit lowkey) apology and Kendall Jenner sent a supportive emoji in response.


This all becomes even more complex (yet somehow clearer? This is confusing!) with the knowledge of Diddy’s history with these two Jenners.

At the Met Gala in May, Kendall and Kylie posed with Diddy, along with several other rap greats, and decided to throw up their middle fingers (unlike everyone else) because it’s called being rebellious in the face of a cool public image and it’s not a phase, mom, get over it. (Somewhere Kris Jenner is shuddering and calling an assistant.)

Kylie posted the picture on Instagram. Diddy also posted it… but cropped both Kendall and Kylie out. People screamed. I screamed.

Diddy, you rock, never change. Next time you see these two, just hit them with the Mariah. We know that it’s what’s in your heart.

For now, keep asking men to tell Kendall and Kylie Jenner apart. Let’s consider it a challenge. If he knows who they are… He might not be the Diddy to your Cassie.

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