Mila Kunis First Made Moves On Ashton Kutcher In The Smoothest Way

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher had their first kiss on That ’70s Show, a kiss Kutcher was genuinely worried was “illegal” considering their five-year age gap (and the fact that she was only 14 at the time.)

For their first REAL kiss, however, on the night of Kutcher’s housewarming party, it sounds like Kunis absolutely knew what she was doing.

“I think I was smoking cigarettes at the time, and I was still a smoker,” Kutcher recalled to Howard Stern on his radio show yesterday. “And she had quit smoking and she was like, she wanted me to like shot gun a cigarette smoke so she could breathe it in and I was like, ‘All right.’ And I started doing this. And gradually through the night, it got closer and closer and closer.”

Kutcher’s explanation for this clever ploy is that “she missed smoking,” though he did admit that “it was kind of obvious that things were happening.”

Give her some credit, Ash — your wife’s got moves.

He also describes the beginnings of their relationship as similar to the movies they separately star in (which inexplicably feature the exact same plot and came out at the same time), Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached.

“It was weird and fast and… you know at the time it was honestly like okay, we’re going to…have an agreement.”

Instead of focusing on their ride-into-the-sunset-on-a-golden-unicorn ending, I’d rather dwell on the fact that Kunis asked her future husband to blow cigarette smoke into her mouth as a pick-up technique.


Listen to the full interview segment below.

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