20 Date Ideas For Your Summer Romance








Warm weather is here and summer romances are finally ready to come out and play.

There is nothing like a fun, light fling to make your summer even sweeter. Arguably the best part about your summer fling is the finding fun summer dates to pass the time. Whether it’s hanging out at the beach, trying new foods or spending a day outside hiking, summer is the best time to spark a romance.

Here are 20 date ideas that are perfect for the warm weather.

1. Go to a baseball game.

Summer is the best time to go to a baseball game. The fun but laid back atmosphere makes it to the perfect place to go with your summer fling.

2. See a movie at the drive-in.

No one does “Summer Lovin'” better than Danny and Sandy. Why not follow suit and head to the local drive-in theater. to enjoy a movie and the outdoor weather at the same time? These are a rarity but that just makes it that much more romantic.

3. Take a walk on the boardwalk.

Going for a walk on the boardwalk is always the move. During the summer there is always something going on. Whether it’s food stands with local vendors, carnival games, or street entertainers the boardwalk is always an interesting place to be.

4. Enjoy a meal al fresco.


There’s nothing better than enjoying a bite outdoors. It adds a lively and enjoyable dimension to any meal. Seek out a hidden restaurant with cozy or cool outdoor seating to experience a true summertime meal.

5. Go fishing.


Spend a relaxing afternoon in your favorite fishing spot. Bring a blanket, snacks and a bottle of wine and see if anything bites. I always say everything is better by the water.

6. Explore on a bike ride.

Grabs some bikes and pick a spot neither one of you has been to before and just start pedaling. Discovering or getting lost in a new area is a great way to spend a memorable afternoon. Plus bikes are really fun. They’ll let you cover more ground and bike races always spice things up.

7. Grabs some roller skates.


If biking isn’t your style, grab some roller skates and roll around town or a nearby park. I recommend roller skate tag to make things playful.

8. Try your luck at mini golf.

It’s a classic for a reason. Mini golf is a great way to spend a fun but calm afternoon.

9. Go tubbing.


Tubbing is always a blast. Soak up some sun and relive your favorite childhood memories by racing down the river.

10. Climb some rocks.

Rock climbing is always a fun way to spend a day plus if you’ll certainly work up an appetite and can grab some great food after if all goes well.

11. Go kayaking.


See how well you guys work as a pair. Rent a kayak for the day and explore the beauty of a nearby lake, pond or river.

12. Relax in a rowboat.


If kayaking is too physically, relax in a rowboat. You’ll still get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a lake or pond and can spend time talking and getting to know each other in a calm atmosphere.

13. Play truth or dare.

Not everyday in the summer is warm and sunny. If you need an idea for a rainy day date head over to the mall. But instead of shopping, spend the day playing “truth or dare.” Get to know your date while being fun and silly. It’ll be the perfect balance between learning about each other and spending all day embarrassing each other.

14. Attend an outdoor concert.

There is truly no better way to spend your time than outside in the nice weather enjoying live music.  During the summer there are always free concerts happening outdoors.  Pick one and enjoy the magic of live music for the night.

15. Learn how to dance.

Spend a saucy night out on the town dancing together and see if you have any physical chemistry. Or even better- have your own hilarious night of dirty dancing at home.  Make a pitcher of sangria and find a youtube video on how to salsa and if either one of you has a hidden career in dancing.

16. Find a food festival and spend the day trying new cuisine.


Hang out at a food festival and spend the day being adventurous by trying new food from local vendors. With good food and hopefully great company, what more could you want?

17. Go hiking.

Hikes are always a great way to spend the day. Being active and appreciating the beauty of nature is a sure way to spark great conversations.

19. Bum it out at the beach.

Who doesn’t love spending the day at the beach? This is the such a chill and easy way to have the perfect summer date. Spend the day relaxing in the sun, playing in the waves, making fun art in the sand, searching for shells and of course stay around to see the sunset over the water.

20. Try a painting class.

Unleash your inner artist and try a painting class together.  This is just another activity that is the perfect combination of fun and relaxing.

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