People Are Sharing Their Worst First Date Spots On Twitter & It’s Hilarious

We’ve all been on some bad first dates. Maybe there’s a lack of chemistry or maybe he doesn’t quite look like his Tinder pics. There are a multitude of factors that can throw off the vibe of a first date (which is already pretty awkward anyway), but one of the easiest ways to get things off to a bad start is by picking the wrong place.

Before your date, you probably both went back and forth saying, “I don’t know! You pick.” It was cute for a second, but then after a bit, the pressure was on. Which locations are the best for a first date?

Well, we don’t know the answer, but Twitter is helping to narrow it down by listing the worst locations for a date. Using #BadFirstDateLocations, users have been cleverly discussing their own experiences and throwing their opinions into the ring about which places to avoid on a first date.

The result is relatable, hilarious and at times, actually pretty dark (uh a dark alley? Yikes), so the hashtag has been the ultimate goals.

And of course, things got a little political.

No matter where you go, think wisely. Maybe don’t do the whole “you pick” game and actually just pick a place. Neutral locations include the park (on a sunny day), a museum (but like a good one), or a restaurant (not spaghetti or wings)…. Ok, yeah this is tough. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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