New Study Proves One-Night Stands Are More Common Than You Think

Quick. Grab your shoes from under the bed and try to find your underwear under everything else in the room. It feels like every creaking floorboard is as loud as a wrecking ball, but doing the walk of shame is a whole lot better than dealing with an awkward morning with that one-time hookup. What was his name again?

Don’t worry. One-night stands are a lot more common than you think. You can’t deny that there’s a particular thrill and curiosity with this type of sexual encounter. How do we feel afterwards and why do we have one-night stands in the first place? Researchers at Dr. Ed polled 500 Americans and 500 Europeans about one-night stands.

Dr. Ed

How many people have you had sex with? What used to be shy confessions are now headboard tallies. In this day and age, fewer and fewer people are waiting until marriage. Whereas only 3% of participants admitted to being as virginal as the day they were born, 45% of them averaged at least three to five sexual partners in their life. The numbers jump around a bit beyond that. Looking at these statistics, my headboard count is looking pretty sparse…

If you’re concerned about your tally, the number of partners you’ve had doesn’t really matter. Quality over quantity, right? Out of the 1000 respondents, nearly 66% of them have had a one-night stand at least once. So don’t worry if you’ve ever felt guilty about having one. It’s way more common than you’d think.

Dr. Ed

Now, if you’re as socially awkward as me, then you must be asking yourself: where’s the best place to meet an ONS? Unsurprisingly enough, the club and the bar were the most highly-favored places to find a partner. Europeans preferred clubs while Americans preferred the old fashioned bar hookup. I wouldn’t blame them. Those locations are the best for relaxing and letting loose, be it from the atmosphere or the alcohol.

There are tons of Tinder success stories, but how often do people actually use it to hook up? Europeans revealed that they weren’t too fond of using mobile apps or dating websites. Only 29% used them, with men claiming the majority of those numbers. Americans were more willing to find company online. Nearly 45% of Americans sought out one-night stands on an app or dating website.

Isn’t it great to have a hookup available at your fingertips? Well, science says that might not be the case.

Dr. Ed

If you thought getting satisfaction from your boyfriend was hard enough, try getting it from a stranger. No matter which country Dr. Ed asked, men were typically more satisfied with one-night stands than women. Over 80% of women were less than completely satisfied with their one-night stands in both countries.

Let me level with you guys. Sure, it’s supposed to be a one-time thing, but at least try to get her off first. If not even 20% of women are satisfied during sex, something is wrong.

But wait… Does a one-night stand really mean one night? Dr. Ed asked participants if they kept in touch with their hookup and the numbers were quite surprising.

Dr. Ed

Europeans and Americans had very different ideas when it came to keeping in touch with their one-night stands. Nearly 43% of Americans stopped talking to their hookup compared to the 29% of Europeans that shared the same answer.

Overall, Europeans were more likely to keep in touch with their one-night stand. They beat Americans across the board. More than 11% of them actually kept in touch in the long term compared to 8% of Americans.

Despite science proving that one-night stands are more common than you’d think, the idea of it is still heavily stigmatized. Women, in particular, were more harshly judged than men for this behavior, although the latter is still put in the doghouse from time to time. In my opinion, as long as you’re responsible and you practice safe sex then there should be nothing to be ashamed of. Dr. Ed is also available to help you with any of your needs, such as confidential services and test options.

Let’s go, ladies. Put on that sexy black dress and get ready to take on the night.

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