Planned Parenthood Minnesota Retaliated Against The New Healthcare Bill In The Most ’90s Way

This past Thursday, the Senate released their full draft of the new Affordable Health Care Act that is framed to replace Obamacare, and many people, from former President Barack Obama to Jennifer Lawrence to Gloria Steinem to Amy Poehler, have been outspoken in the harm it will cause to Americans.

One Planned Parenthood center in Minnesota took a creative approach to express their disapproval of the bill, Allure discovered, taking a cue from the ’90s classic 10 Things I Hate About You to do so.

The Planned Parenthood Minnesota Instagram published a poem directed to the AHCA modeled after Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) reading her emotional love/hate letter to Heath Ledger’s bad boy heartthrob with a heart of gold, Patrick Verona.

Of course, this poem has a little more hate and a little less love. It also has 13 reasons instead of ten, just for good measure.

“I hate the way you don’t represent me,” it begins, “And the way you steal our care.”

It’s actually a fair representation of the poem, and definitely one that outspoken feminist Kat would approve of in defiance of this new healthcare plan. Make sure you read until the final line — instead of the gut-punching sentimental swerve, it features a biting critique of the new plan and our current government.

If there is anything we know about Kat Stratford, it’s that she would adore this poem.

If you’re looking for a full and coherent explanation of the damaging contents of this bill, read this.

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