This Guy Is Calling Out His Friends For Their Lack Of Photography Skills

Being the designated friend in the group that always takes the photos is a very sacred job. Your friends are trusting your vision, your knowledge of their angles and the direction, but there is a downside. When you fulfill that role in the friend group and it’s your turn to be in front of the camera, the photos aren’t as flattering. You give and you give and then your friends can’t give back! It’s a one-way street.

Anthony Keeling, 20, knows the struggle of being the friend who is always behind the camera. When he let his friend Ricky Sharm take pictures of him while on a Bahamian cruise, the pictures were anything but flattering.

Keeling knows a thing or two about photos, considering the University of Georgia student does some modeling on the side. So, it’s definitely not his fault that these photos are a bust. When talking to Buzzfeed, he said that Ricky took a couple of snapshots of him and “almost every single one of them came out terrible.” He said his friend filled his camera roll, which is a good sign because having options for a picture is key, but the whole camera roll is ruined if they are all unflattering angles and lighting.

I know the up angle is a great go-to, but it can’t be the only angle. You don’t want to see the boat’s deck, but rather the beautiful city and water behind Keeling. Come on, Sharm! After Keeling saw the photos he confronted Sharm and asked him “if someone took pictures like that of him, would he post them anywhere – and of course his answer was ‘hell no!'”

But now Keeling’s tweet has opened the floodgates for all the friends who are designated photo takers. The photos are hilariously awful.

That last one is just TOO much. She might as well get new friends because they clearly do NOT care about her posting a fire pic. There are so many tweets in Keeling’s thread and I feel for every single one of them. Being the designated photo taker is a hard job with no reward, except when your friends post that pic and give you credit. Time to start a petition to get all the designated photo taking friends to link up and take pictures of each other.

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