Disney’s New ‘Raven’s Home’ Trailer Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic AF







Raven and Chelsea have not changed at all.

The Disney Channel just released the full-length promo for Raven’s Home, the new That’s So Raven spinoff. It’s going to elicit so many nostalgic feelings for the older Disney Channel fans.

It’s been over 10 years since Raven (Raven Symone) and Chelsea (Annaliese Van der Pol) have been on screen together, but according to the trailer, not much has changed despite having kids and getting married. The two are still up to all sorts of shenanigans and Chelsea is still completely clueless.

Raven is still having random dance parties, but now with her twin children, Booker and Nia, as they live with Chelsea and her son, Levi.

Booker is like a newer version of Cory Baxter and Nia has definitely inherited her mother’s sass.

Like every Disney Channel series, there is a best friend who lives next door who acts like she owns the place and, in this case, her name is Tess (Sky Katz).

Raven’s visions are still occurring, but her children aren’t aware of her ability to see the future until one of them begins to have powers too.

Symone stated in an interview that she really wanted to return to Disney Channel. “Oh my goodness… I wanted to do it!” she said. “I wanted to get out of bed and work and laugh, and Disney Channel has been kind to me for the last – I don’t know – how many umpteen years. We all said, ‘This would be a great idea.'”

She continued, “I’m an executive producer, and what I think will work is writing is how the cast gets along and how the camaraderie behind the set works. I think that when you have that, all ages will come and enjoy the process with us. And we have such a great time on set. It’s been spectacular, and hopefully not just Anneliese and I are laughing in our 30s, but also you will too.”

Make sure you watch the full trailer and honor your inner ’90s kid.


The show will premiere on Friday, July 21 at 10:00 P.M. on Disney Channel.

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