Oh, Snap! The ‘That’s So Raven’ Reboot Finally Has An Official Trailer

2003 to 2007 were the glory years. Michelle Branch chords accompanied every angst-ridden bike-riding scene in teen movies. We saw Elf in theaters for the first time and wondered what we did before the festive visual of Will Ferrell mounting an escalator in an elf costume. Everyone strutted around the hallways in concept scarves and wedge sneakers.

And, of course, That’s So Raven was still on-air, bringing us out-of-context visions, impulse control as weak as Dobby letting Harry Potter live his damn life, and impeccable faux-fur fashions.

Last fall, Disney announced a That’s So Raven reboot (Raven’s Home) and no one foresaw it. Now there is an official, albeit short, trailer confirming all of our hopes and dreams.

Here’s what we know:

1. Raven is a mother to twins — one boy and one girl.
2. One of those twins has psychic visions like his mother
3. Chelsea and Raven are still best friends!! *melts into a puddle of nostalgia*
4. Chelsea is a mother as well.

Watch the full trailer below, ya nasties.

Is this a bad reason to invest in cable? Asking for myself.

3. That's So Raven

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