Rebel Wilson Is Launching Her Own All-Inclusive Clothing Line

Rebel Wilson, famous for playing Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect series as well as her roles in Bridesmaids and How to be Single, is beginning a new career as a clothing designer.

The Australian star’s new line will be for the underserved category of size 14-and-up. Wilson had a trial run back in 2015 with speciality retailer Torrid, that was pretty well-received in the market, but she is now introducing a little more of an ambitious collection that will hit department stores this summer called Rebel Wilson x Angels.

Many Hollywood celebrities before Wilson have created personal brands, but Wilson not only wants to sell clothes, she also hopes to set an example as a powerful actress and producer who does whatever she wants.

Wilson told People magazine that she has had to create her own television roles and movie projects in order to embrace her size. She suffers from a hormonal imbalance and revealed that she has used her size to help boost her career. Her comedy pokes fun at her weight and physical appearance. But in reality, Wilson has admitted to being sensitive to society’s beauty standards especially the fashion industry who labels a normal weight as “plus size.”

According to the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, the average size for woman falls between 16 and 18, but designers don’t seem to care about sizes that high.

Wilson worked with stylist Elizabeth Stewart to find her personal style and how she could represent herself through clothing. Stewart has also worked with Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis and Julia Roberts to find their looks.

Most of the pieces in Wilson’s collection cost less than $100, except for a suede jacket, which is priced at $298. Retailers such as Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom have reacted quite enthusiastically to the idea. Wilson will even make a few appearances at stores across the country in order to support the launch.

The star also told People, “The odds of someone like me making it in Hollywood, I think, are less than the odds of becoming an NFL player if you are an American guy. I feel like I have always had that inner confidence.”

As upsetting as that realization may be, Wilson is probably right, but hopefully, those standards will change in the near future. Wilson, along with other “curvy” influences such as Melissa McCarthy and Beth Ditto, show that there isn’t a correlation between size and success.

The star showed off her impressive weight loss on the set of Pitch Perfect 3 absolutely owning her slimmer waist and has not been shy about her weight loss transformation, even documenting her health retreat last summer. Wilson is not ashamed of her body, she just wants to be healthy, feel accepted and help other women feel accepted.

We can’t wait to see Wilson’s designs on the racks!

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