You Will Never Guess Where People Are Getting Fillers

","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"“The collagen of the ear may deteriorate to the point that the earlobe looks flabby and wrinkled,” Kenneth Beer, M.D., said in an interview with New Beauty. “In these patients, I inject fillers to restore a more youthful, less shriveled lobe.”","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"Women who are in their 40s or older are the ones most likely getting the fillers, because they’re lacking collagen that keeps earlobes looking plump and young. Beer also mentions that even young women get the earlobe fillers to help the weight of heavy earrings for photoshoots or walking down the runways.","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"“Women who are used to wearing larger earrings or who’ve had significant sun exposure and simply want to have less wrinkled lobes are all good candidates for this procedure,” Beer said.","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"Word of advice, you don’t need fillers to be beautiful. Natural beauty is what it’s all about. But if you want a touch of plump to your face, you do you, girl!","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"},{"text":"You can check out more from Dr. Kenneth Beer on his Instagram account.","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"},{"text":"SixBomb K Pop Band Plastic Surgery: Must-See Details","level":3,"displayType":"header"}]}]; var articleType = 'ARTICLE'; var favoriteImage = ''; var articleDescription = ''; var slide_index = parseInt(0); var slide_json = createSlides(slides, articleType, favoriteImage); var initial_slide = slide_index; var initial_url = location.pathname +; var base_url = '/2017/06/27/earlobe-fillers-plastic-surgery-before-after-details-photos/'; var next_gallery = '/2014/11/18/ugly-christmas-sweaters-photos-xmas-gifts/'; var first_load = true; var has_scrolled = false; var title = "You Will Never Guess Where People Are Getting Fillers"; var path = base_url