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James Charles Completely Slayed His Graduation


Sister James is officially a high school graduate!

YouTuber (and queen of discount codes) James Charles is known in the beauty world for his glitz and glam, and that oh-so-peppy personality that makes him absolutely lovable. So, it was no surprise that the makeup icon went above and beyond for his graduation style.

The 18-year-old rocked a custom jumpsuit from Michael Costello, which was covered in black sequins to go perfectly with his makeup that made him look highlighted to the high heavens.

she's graduated sisters 🎓

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I can’t even.

But the best part of his ensemble was his cap. JC decided to pay homage to CoverGirl, opting for the iconic “easy breezy, beautiful” phrase in a trendy font and so so so many rhinestones. The makeup brand launched his career in the beauty industry when he was made their first male spokesperson.


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His glamorous ways have always been a given. Even back in September, James retook his senior photos and posted how perfectly extra he was to get that perfect glow.

I mean are we really that surprised? 😂😂

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Congrats James! Stay poppin’.

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