Someone Is Getting Married On ‘Riverdale’ Season 2 & You’ll Never Guess Who It is

Riverdale just started filming season two and this season looks even better than the first. Since season one ended and was added to Netflix almost immediately afterwards, Riverdale has developed a cult-like following. The dark teen drama is centered around the characters from the Archie comics. When I say dark, I really do mean dark. The first season started with a murder and ended with someone getting shot.

Season two may just be juicer than season one. Recently tweeted out pictures from the Riverdale set and they are filming a wedding and *SPOILER* it looks like Veronica’s wedding! She’s in high school what is she doing getting married? I have so many questions. Veronica is wearing a large white ball gown with a train, which seems very wedding like to me. Archie and Jughead are in matching kilts, but don’t worry, Jughead is still wearing his beanie. But the matching outfits probably means that they are in the wedding party at the very least. Betty, Cheryl and Josie are all wearing the same color dress, which may mean they are bridesmaids.

There’s always a possibility that this wedding is just a hyper-real dream, like when they were all were dressed up identical to their comic book characters. In the end, Jughead was having a crazy dream about backstabbing Archie. The wedding may just be a very elaborate dream because Jason Blossom is shown at the wedding and well, he’s dead. Fred Andrews is also in the wedding scenes and he was shot and may be dead.

The Archie Comics did a whole wedding series about when Archie had imaginary weddings with Betty and Veronica. Maybe we will be seeing Betty in a wedding dress next?

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