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Snapchat’s Update Has Everyone Acting Like Detectives


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Snapchat recently rolled out its newest update, Snap Maps, and users aren’t too sure about the latest feature. Maps uses your Bitmoji as your avatar and it just shows followers where you are in the world. Seems innocent enough, but users aren’t pleased about the new feature for many reasons. On a serious level, it’s super creepy that people can just look and see your exact location without your knowledge. There is an option on maps to turn it off or go on “Ghost Mode” so then you’re invisible. Snapchat maps also has settings so users can control who sees your locations. So it’s a little less creepy, but only a little.

Don’t worry, your Snapchat map isn’t activated unless you turn it on. But if you want to get to maps you simply open Snapchat and you just pinch your screen. Then your friends Bitmojis will pop up. A lot of users are realizing that having their location revealed means that their friends can know exactly where they are no matter what. No more lying about who you are hanging out with or where you’re going.

What has everyone shook is that cheating will be harder. Now you can watch your significant other at all hours and see what they’re up to. It’s creepy but makes snooping way easier.

Meanwhile, some users are afraid the update is going to expose their lack of a social life.

Who cares about cheating or a social life? I’m going to be using the update to make my friends get me food.

The update is controversial on many levels, but you can decide to be in ghost mode forever or basically stalk your partner and friends.

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