This Woman Used Snapchat To Pick A Nail Polish Color & It Actually Worked

Walking into a nail salon and dealing with the struggle of picking out a nail color is so stressful. I know, first world problems, right? You had your mind set on a specific color, but now you saw how stunning that red shade will look on you. Yet, you end up picking a completely different color and you regret it in the end.

But this 18-year-old won’t have to deal with that ever again, and neither will you.

Emma Young recently found a hack to see which nail color will best suit you and it’s all through the magic of Snapchat.

She told Buzzfeed that she couldn’t decide on the best nail color for her manicure, even after trying to picture what the color would look like on the nails. Then an idea came to her mind and she pulled up Snapchat and began testing out the app’s custom stickers. (The feature allows users to create their very own stickers from objects in personal snaps.)

Young discovered that she can snap a photo of a nail polish shade that was displayed on a fake nail, create a sticker and place the stickers on the photo of her hand. Since the process wasn’t too time-consuming, she was able to quickly make her decision on the nail color.

The 18-year-old posted her discovery on Twitter and even though she didn’t expect the post to go viral, Teen Vogue reported that the post hit more than 259,000 likes and 91,000 retweets in about two days.

Technology is always there to save us from first world problems.

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