People Have Major Beef With Taco Bell’s Double Stuffed Chalupa


Taco Bell is getting some serious beef about their new “Double Chalupa.”

The chalupa in question is supposed to be double the size with double the fillings, clocking in at nine-ounces of meaty goodness. Needless to say, fans were super excited to experience what promised to be an explosion of flavor and awesomeness, but unfortunately, many have been left… disappointed.

There have been many complaints of customers receiving severely under-stuffed chalupas, sometimes even without any meat. That’s definitely a stark contrast to the behemoth that the brand’s advertising team promised. I mean we all know fast food rarely lives up to the standard portrayed in ads, but this is a little ridiculous.

Taco Bell has been responding to a good majority of the comments made online, saying things such as “let’s remake that” or “that’s not OK, let’s make up.”

Business Insider spoke out in defense of Taco Bell, stating that a larger shell does indeed make it more difficult for customers to notice if their chalupa actually has more meat or not. Still, some of those pictures are a little suspect.

The company had this to say about the incidents:

“Our Customer Care team has been in contact with our fans to ensure they have the best Double Chalupa experience possible, and we are connecting with our restaurant teams to ensure our customers receive Double Chalupas that exceed their expectations.”

Let’s hope they get it together, though, on the bright side, we’ll always have their tacos.

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