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How To Turn Off Snap Map With Ghost Mode

Snapchat Memories App Feature


The future of stalking your friends is here and absolutely nobody is surprised that it’s Snapchat.

A new feature called Snap Map allows users to see exactly where their friends are by displaying tiny cartoon versions of them on a map. Cute…. but also pretty creepy. Ok, so it’s seriously creepy. Definitely not a feature I’d want to have on 100% of the time. Playing around with it a bit, you find out it can get weirdly accurate, and if you zoom in enough it can pretty much tell you what address the your friends are at. Now, for friends that’s ok, but any acquaintances you have on your snapchat friends list also have access to this information, regardless of how well you know them.

Now, it does seem like you have to actively consent to using this feature, so if you haven’t already accessed Snap Map, then chances are you aren’t currently being tracked. So there’s that, but what if you just forgot about it and DON’T want everyone to know where you are all the time? Well, fear not, for Snapchat is way ahead of you.

When you first set up the new feature you’re given a list of options. You can either allow full access, select whom amongst your group of friends can see you (limited access) or you can opt for ghost mode. Ghost mode allows you to still see your friends, but they can’t see you, for when you’re feeling private.

What about after you’ve already done the initial setup? Don’t worry, you can change the setting at any time. Just enter Snap Map (bring your fingers together on the main camera screen in a pinching motion) and tap the settings icon in the upper righthand corner. From there you can enable ghost mode and manage your friends, so you can control who stalks you and when, because how could this possibly go wrong?