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Christian Louboutin’s New Nude Heels Are More Inclusive Than Ever











Using the word ‘nude’ in reference to a color can be tricky. Usually when people say nude they think of a color that is similar to a fair, white skin tone, when nude actually has many shades. Nude for a girl who is pale isn’t going to be the same for a girl who has olive skin or deep brown skin. Finding nude shoes for women of color is near impossible because most “nude” shoes are just nude for white women.


But thanks to Christian Louboutin, nude is finally getting an upgrade. A few years ago the high-end shoe line launched its Nude Collection, debuting pumps in five different shades of nude. Since then, Louboutin has added two more shades (YES) and more shoe styles (YES YES). It’s one thing to provide shades of nude, but then to have options is something else. The newest shoes are perfect for summer and are called Christeriva and Cherrysandal. The Christeriva is a stiletto with a ribbon wrap around the ankle, while the Cherrysandal is a chunky platform heel with an ankle strap.

I know that Louboutins are expensive and aren’t the accessible to everyone. The Christeriva is $875 and the Cherrysandal is $895 and are not in-budget for a lot of people who may need an accurate color of nude shoe. But if I’ve learned anything from the Devil Wears Prada, once the designer brands start a trend it will trickle down into mass retailers and eventually fast fashion. Therefore, hopefully, soon there will be a more affordable range of nude shoes.


If this scene is cut from the Broadway adaption of Devil Wears Prada fans will be so mad. But let’s hope Miranda Priestly is right about trickle down fashion.

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