Daughter Pranks Mom By Replacing Family Photos With Pics Of Chihuahua







Looking back on old photos can be really heartwarming. Your graduation pictures might remind you of your family’s support and love through school or your prom pics might leave you sighing with nostalgia. These old depictions of past memories can be really touching… or extremely embarrassing! Senior pictures are awkward, those staged promย photos are horrid and middle school is a time best left without revisiting.

Marissa Hooper of Waxahachie, Texas decided to give her family’s old photos a hilarious upgrade and this one will make looking back a LOL-worthy moment every time. Hooper wasn’t sure if her family even paid attention to the old photos… Turns out, they do! Over 56,000 viewers and 20,000 Instagram followers have also taken note.

The 21-year-old college student made the family’s dog, Dixie, the star of the show, replacing the traditional snaps with her own recreations, all with Dixie front and center. Costumes were crucial and Dixie’s wardrobe was impressive.

She looked regal in a cap and gown.


Adorable as a kid, complete with her own “wig” and bow.


Dixie was a classic beauty in black and white.


Of course, Marissa’s momย eventually noticed the changes, though it did take two weeks. “Stop doing that to my pictures!!!” she told her daughter.


Her mom even had some jokes of her own. “Her graduation picture came out better than yours,” Hooper’s mom told her.

Yes, some of the old photos can be embarrassing, but if you ever need to change things up, just grab the family dog and do a photo shoot. You’ll always look back and laugh.

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