Zendaya Had The Ultimate Clapback To Being Called Conceited











Zendaya is the queen of epic comebacks.

The 20-year-old is always slaying on the red carpet and in her multitude of photo shoots so it’s perfectly normal for her captions on social media to reflect how flawless ya girl looks.

However, the captions she posts when she’s truly feeling herself caught the attention of one Twitter user who didn’t take the star’s posts lightly.

The user called Zendaya “kinda conceited,” as if no one is allowed to appreciate their own beauty from time to time.

Anyway, Zendaya being Zendaya took no time in shutting the comment down with an epic response. The star effortlessly commented “lil bit” and that was enough to send her Twitter army to beast mode.

Even Yara Shahidi and Chrissy Teigen, who follow Z on Twitter, were among the first to respond to her perfect clap back in full support of her “conceitedness.”

There were countless responses to Zendaya that pretty much said they would do the same if they were her. These were some of my fav replies:


Needless to say, when you look like Zendaya, you can be as “conceited” as you want and not take any ish from anyone.

Own it, gurl, you look fabulous!

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