ASOS Says No To Airbrushing These Models’ Stretch Marks

Models are known to be highly Photoshopped and retouched beyond belief, especially if there is a blemish or scar on their skin. But one of the biggest online fashion retailers, ASOS, decided against retouching their models’ stretch marks. The marks and lines aren’t hidden and they didn’t simply forget to airbrush them out. The models’ stretch marks are on full display in bikinis and bathing suits. Of course, her stretch marks should be on display because there’s nothing wrong with them.

Photo Courtesy of ASOS

Their recent bathing suit photos have been left totally unretouched, showing off every girl’s stretch marks and blemishes. It’s refreshing to see a model who looks like an actual girl instead of a flawless, Photoshopped mannequin. This smart move in favor of displaying real women and their bodies hasn’t gone unnoticed by their customers.

Representation is important because photos like these normalize stretch marks and decrease the stigma surrounding real bodies. One more time for the people in the back: stretch marks are normal! It’s time we start to celebrate our bodies and stop criticizing them. It’s a lot easier to praise your body when it’s being represented accurately, so thank you ASOS. Our online shopping sprees are totally justified.

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