This Kid Tried To Cut His Own Hair & The Results Will Make Your Day

We’ve all had that moment in our life where we choose to cut our own hair instead of taking a trip to the hair salon. Not only is it a cheaper decision, but it also saves you time. If you’re experienced, you might turn your hair into exactly what you wanted. But if you’re like this kid, stay clear from the buzzer.

Earlier this week, a video made its way up to Reddit‘s homepage featuring a young boy, probably around the age of 10, cutting his own hair. He greeted his viewers with a warm welcome: “Hi guys, welcome! I’m going to cut my own hair,” he happily says to the camera.

“I cut my dad’s hair yesterday, so I wanted to think about cutting my own hair,” he explains.

He then plugs in the razor and we believe this kid knows exactly what he’s doing, especially after he mentioned he cut his father’s hair the previous day.

“My ma doesn’t want to do it, so…” he adds.

He definitely knows what he’s doing, right?

Nope. Looks like he was ahead of himself once he trimmed his hair a little too far in. “Oh, I made a bald spot…” he whispers to himself in disbelief.

But what made us laugh until our stomachs hurt and pity this adorable little guy was his attempt to cover the bald spot with the hair he just trimmed off.  “Oh my god, I’m going to be the funniest kid on the planet,” he tells his reflection on the mirror.

Even though there weren’t any tears or uncontrollable sobbing, the boy was actually positive about the outcome. “Well, it doesn’t look that bad,” he muttered, shrugging it off.

We all learn from our mistakes, kid.

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