This Guy Did His GF’s Makeup Flawlessly & Internet Trolls Couldn’t Deal

The “Boyfriend Does My Makeup” challenge has been around for quite a while. Popular in the YouTube beauty community, the video challenge requires two very simple things: that you let your boyfriend do your makeup and you don’t guide him on what to do. It’s simple yet also scary at the same time. More often than not, the results are a little… avant-garde, to put it nicely. That was not the case here.

Jade Hydaria is a professional makeup artist who thought it would be fun to have her boyfriend, Curt Rendle, try his hand at the challenge. Beard, man-bun, tattoos, if you were to judge a book by its cover, there’s only one way you’d expect this to end. However, this is the internet and nothing here is ever as it seems.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Rendle ended up doing an amazing job! He blended Hydaria’s eyeshadow and contour perfectly, leaving her with a glowy, rosy daytime look. Undoubtedly feeling proud of her man, Hydaria shared a shortened version of the video on Instagram… And then the trolls happened.

Haters couldn’t help themselves, immediately calling Rendle’s masculinity into question because it’s not like we live in 2017 or anything like that. Hydaria didn’t back down, calling them out on their negativity and defending “her King.” With the sudden wave of attention, supporters have flooded her posts with love and positivity, effectively drowning out the trolls. After all, everyone knows it takes a real man to pay attention to his partner, even if it means picking up on the little things… like blending.

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