91-Year-Old Gymnast Will Leave You Feeling Like The Laziest Person On Earth

If there was ever a story out there that boils down to “if you chase your dreams you can achieve anything,” it would be this one.

Johanna Quaas is a 91-year-old gymnast from Germany, and she is far more graceful than I will ever be. She was officially dubbed “oldest gymnast in the world” by The Guinness Book of Records back in 2012 when she was 86, and every year she beats her own record.


She still competes regularly in the Landes-Seniorenspiele in Saxony, Germany, and like I said before, she’s super graceful. She began gaining popularity when a video of her made its way to the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Quaas has been studying gymnastics for many years now and it definitely shows. She was initially a coach and had actually written textbooks on the subject. She even married another gymnastics coach, but the real kicker is that she didn’t begin competing again until she was in her late 50s.

Her secret? Quaas says on top of practice, she maintains a healthy diet, not eating too much or too little. While she has always been physically active, even she is surprised that she can still do what she does at her age, but she is thrilled that she can. It just goes to show that humans are amazing creatures and we’re capable of far more than even we can imagine.

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The #MyBodyMyBFF Campaign Hopes To Increase Self-Love On Social Media
The #MyBodyMyBFF Campaign Hopes To Increase Self-Love On Social Media
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