The Future Has Arrived, You Can Now Rock LED Lashes

Makeup has been around for a very long time, but recently beauty brands have been focusing on having more fun than ever before. With the rise of YouTube makeup tutorials, makeup brands have been putting out crazier and more colorful products as a response. YouTubers can really push products to their millions of subscribers, so the wilder the product the better. Trying to outshine the latest product can be a struggle, but not for f.lashes.

f.lashes makeup LED lashes

F.lashes are LED-lit false eyelashes and they’re wild. They’re made of a tiny strip of LED lights that can be attached to your lash line with a bit of lash glue. They lashes are battery operated, so there is a battery pack that needs to be hidden somewhere, probably your hair. There is a small wire from the accompanying battery pack, but the wire is very thin and can be easily covered with makeup. It seems a little inconvenient, but the product is still in the beginning stages. The creator and designer, Then Pham, received such a positive reaction from the lashes at Maker Faire that he launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter still has 20 days left but has already raised over double the necessary amount. Originally just needing $40,000, these futuristic lashes have brought in almost $95,000. The lashes are super fun and come in different light patterns and colors.

These will be the perfect accessory for drag queens and EDM concerts. Once the technology is wire-free, we guarantee that they will be popping up everywhere. The future is now, people.

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