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Hallelujah, A Tampon Delivery Service Now Exists


There’s only one thing worse than waking up with your period: finding out you’re out of pads or pads. Trust me, it’s a nightmare, and finding ways to McGyver your way to the store is as hard as it is humiliating. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just skip the store and have our monthly essentials shipped to our front door?

You’d be surprised how many female-run companies are starting this period-essentials delivery trend. Companies like Lola and Cora offer monthly subscription services for the ladies that want to skip the trip to the store. Unfortunately for tampon users, most of these companies are keen on using wasteful plastic applicators.

100% organic 💙 non-toxic 💚 dye & plasic free 💜 delivered straight to your door ❣️ @tampontribe

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Luckily, one company is steadily gaining popularity. Tampon Tribe is a delivery service that boasts eco-friendly applicators and packaging. It also allows you to customize your monthly supply of goodies. I’m sure mother nature will love you for using these, even though she’s dead set on ruining your favorite pair of underwear.

Tampon Tribe’s products are 100% organic cotton and are chlorine-free, meaning their perfectly safe for your delicate bits. Not only that, but they come in an adorable burlap bag that can be thrown in your compost pile. I don’t see any downside to this monthly subscription so far.

Their customization options give customers more control over their purchases. Users can get regular, super, and superplus tampons of their choice. Tampon Tribe also offers pads and panty liners if Tampons aren’t your thing. The price will vary depending on your order, but a regular monthly tampon subscription, (which includes 16 tampons) only costs $8.

If being eco-friendly wasn’t enough, Tampon Tribe also offers support for homeless women with daily tampon packs. They’re also open to employing ex-felons, homeless women, and anyone that wants a second chance at life.

Yeah, I still see no downside to this company. Can you?

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