Another Woman Was Injured By An Exploding Whipped Cream Canister

About two weeks ago, French lifestyle blogger Rebecca Burger died from a freak accident when a whipped cream canister exploded as she attempted to use it. The container hit her in the chest with such force that she was sent into cardiac arrest. At first, it seemed like this was a freak accident, a one-time occurrence, but now it’s not looking that way.

Heidi Dumotier, also from France, has sustained an injury after her whipped cream dispenser also exploded. While talking to a local radio show, Dumotier said that she was giving her four-year-old daughter dessert on her birthday. When she shook the can it “just exploded” in her hands!

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She said, “It was terrible, the lid was gone and the cannister was lodged in the ceiling.” The lodged canister created a 15 cm hole in her ceiling. Another part of the dispenser hit her in the leg after it exploded, leaving her bleeding.┬áDumotier appears to be fine.

She hasn’t released the brand name of the whipped cream dispenser, but either way these cans don’t seem worth it, no matter what brand.

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