People Are Actually Receiving Their Red Bathing Suits From Sunny Co. Clothing

Do you remember those red bathing suits that flooded your Instagram feed last May? Sunny Co. Clothing started a bathing suit giveaway that went viral and caused a lot of drama. The bathing suit was reposted and tagged over 346,000 times on social media.

The company wasn’t prepared for this type of response and closed the giveaway early. The two “entrepreneurs” behind Sunny Co. Clothing released a statement. They said that the first 50,000 reposts would be receiving a suit and that the other orders would get refunded. This left a lot of people wondering if they’d ever receive a Pamela Sunny Suit or if this giveaway was just a hoax.

Almost two months after the giveaway, people are slowly getting their “free” swimsuits. Sunny Co. is pulling through and people are actually receiving the now-infamous one-pieces. Not all the suits are red, though, which is shocking, but the giveaway did just say a free Pamela Sunny Suit, not a free red Pamela Sunny Suit.

Some people weren’t as happy with their free suit, but at least they were the lucky ones to actually get one.

Haters be damned, it looks like Instagram giveaways are legitimate. Well, at least this one is. Some friendly advice: don’t start a free giveaway with no maximum submission and low inventory. This swimsuit has caused enough drama.

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