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Drake Bell Responds To The Death Of Ex-Girlfriend Stevie Ryan


Drake Bell is one of the many mourning the tragic loss of Stevie Ryan.

The YouTube star was found dead in her home on Saturday, July 1 and investigators ruled it a death by suicide. Loved ones and fans have been paying their respects to the actress and comedian via social media.

Bell dated Ryan in the mid-2000s and also shared his heartbreak with the world in a series of tweets. The couple dated for approximately one year and it is unclear as to whether or not they remained close prior to the breakup, but Bell seems to be pretty torn up at the news of Ryan’s passing.

As the news of Ryan’s death spread, Bell tweeted to Ryan, “I can not believe this is true!!!”

The star later posted on his own page, “No no no!!!!” attaching a photo of the two posing on the red carpet at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. “I can NOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!! Please wake me up from this nightmare. @StevieRyan I loved you and will forever miss you!”

But the actor didn’t stop there. Bell continued in another tweet by sharing an article written about Stevie Ryan’s suicide and writing, “This is too much. My heart is crushed. @StevieRyan I love you and miss you…”

The former Drake and Josh star also retweeted one of Ryan’s “Little Loca” sketches with Perez Hilton. Ryan rose to fame from uploading celebrity impersonations to YouTube on her channel called “Little Loca,” which has received 15 million views since it began.

Bell’s fans responded with many messages of support and sympathy.

If you’re thinking about suicide or know someone who is thinking about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or the Suicide Crisis Line 1-800-784-2433.

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