Rob Kardashian Leaked Blac Chyna’s Nudes On Instagram

Rob Kardashian is known not to be shy when it comes to leaving his receipts on Instagram. The former reality star has aired out his dirty laundry on Instagram and Snapchat before with his baby mama. When Blac Chyna cheated on Rob and left him, he posted heartbreaking videos of himself crying and of their daughter Dream’s room empty. Now his heart is mended and he’s begging “Chyna [to] please get help” and he’s letting everyone know why.

The Instagram ambush started off with a video post that Chyna sent Rob on Fourth of July of her kissing another man. In the caption, Rob said, “come spend time with your daughter instead of f***ing me and then this dude right after. U need help.”

Then Rob posted text messages that he received from the “dude” in the video of him asking for money to pay for Chyna’s bills.

He then posted a selfie of the “dude” with a novel of a caption. In the caption, he basically says that this guy is blackmailing him for money or else he is going to expose Chyna. He admitted to spending a million dollars in the past two months on Chyna.

Minutes after he posted Chyna’s nudes, they were taken down, but The Shade Room was quick and reposted the nudes with tasteful emojis covering up Chyna’s private parts. After the first posts, were taken down Rob re-uploaded them, only have them taken down once again. Even with the emoji edits these photos are still NSFW.

He then also posted the vagina photo as its own personal Instagram. That photo has been taken down as well. He then went on to say that he paid for Chyna’s body surgery after she had their baby. He said it cost him $100K to “get all everything fixed as much as they could.”

He continues his mass posting with screenshots from his notes saying that he’s been praying to God to show him the way and to help Chyna. He also admitted to having more receipts.

The Shade Room has been reposting all of Rob’s deleted Instagrams because they also believe in receipts. Blac Chyna commented on one of their reposts from Rob and she seems to not care. On the video of Chyna in the hospital for her body surgeries, she commented twice “lol” and “sorry.” I don’t think this is a laughing matter, but you do you, Chyna.

Rob then went on to post more screenshots from his notes app about how he’s a “savage” and “always have been.” Then goes on to say he wants his daughter to see these one day to see how “this isn’t love.” Then he says Chyna does drugs and abuses alcohol while their daughter Dream is in the house.

He then reposted the photo of one of the guys Chyna cheated on him with and said he has an “update” and gave a shout-out to The Shade Room for helping clear the air and said that he is going to post again.

Rob is not done with his receipts. He reposted the first video of Chyna kissing the mystery guy to then tag him and the other men she’s cheated on him with! Even Beyoncé wouldn’t name “Becky with the good hair.” At least Rob isn’t regretful of their relationship because of his daughter.

Rob truly isn’t playing and posted another note screenshot saying he’s “making a lemonade album for sure.” This may be better than Kim’s smash single “Jam (Turn It Up).”

Blac Chyna seems to be unbothered by the whole ordeal. Besides commenting on The Shade Room’s repost of Rob’s Instagram she’s been posting on her Snapchat. Her snaps aren’t addresseing the drama that is transpiring. They’re just close up videos of her diamond encrusted Cartier bracelets with the caption “Lol.”

Just when you think Rob can’t get any more petty he posted a screenshot of text message exchange between him and Chyna with her phone number visible. The texts are Rob telling Chyna how he misses her and wants her. In the caption he said he found out she cheated on him with another guy, one of her best guy friends so now the gloves are really coming off. He then thanks God for having all these receipts.

Rob really things this leak is the equivalent to Beyoncé’s Lemonade album. He reposted a meme from The Shade Room of himself photoshopped over Bey’s album cover.

No one is safe when Rob is reading receipts, not even celebrities giving their two cents on the matter. TI comments on of Rob’s posts asking “why bring ya business to IG tho?” saying that he got played by Chyna and to just take the loss and move on. Rob screenshot his comment and outed TI for paying Chyna to have a threesome with him and his baby mama Tiny.

Chyna has since deleted this Snapchat, but when something is posted to the internet it’s there forever. Chyna posted a black photo with just text that claims Rob beat her up and he acts like that never happened. She then said “but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian.”

@ferraritru33 who was the original mystery man in Chyna’s kissing video has spoken. He commented on one of Rob’s post addressing the sexual relation he has with Chyna, which ultimately means he admitted to sleeping with her. Rob in truly savage fashion wrote in his caption “I got your followers up like crazy so just do some Instagram ads so U can stop reaching out to me trying to threaten me saying u gonna expose Chyna if I don’t help get u bread.” Referring to his previous Instagram’s saying that he asked Rob for money for bills. He took down this Instagram.

He then posted a similar Instagram, but of screenshots of text messages between him and Ferrari. Just like Chyna’s screen grabs he has Ferrari’s phone number visible. The texts are super shady. Ferrari is basically trying to convince Rob that they should go on a show together and make some money. In Ferrari’s Instagram bio it says “IM BROKE” I guess he really meant it.

The Shade Room posted the video of Chyna’s Snapchat response to Rob. The one with the jewelry and the caption “Lol.” Rob commented on their post saying “she about to sell all that jewelry I got her to pay them bills.” He’s on a mission.

Rob has gone back to correct himself. The mystery man kissing Chyna in the first video isn’t Ferrari, but it’s actually @mechiesocrazy. Even though Ferrari has has relations with Chyna that wasn’t him. He reposted the original video tagging Mechie and said “Chyna keeps sending me different videos of different men in our bed so my bad I got the guys mixed up.” He then went on and wrote that he spent $250,000 on jewelry for Chyna the other day. I’m going to assume the jewelry in her Snapchat video was from Rob.

Well it looks like Rob picked what he’s going to post about next. Since Rob posted about paying for everything for Chyna she deleted Instagram’s of her with the nice gifts Rob got her. But the screenshot king of course got some screen grabs before Chyna took down her old Instagram’s. He’s really not holding back with the caption “that’s right baby flex in front of the car I bought u.” He then posted twice about his Versace robe’s that all of Chyna’s men are wearing. People are commenting on all of Chyna’s Instagram posts “L” as in she lost, even though Rob was the one asking for nudes.

Rob’s Instagram has been taken down for right now, so some of the Instagram’s aren’t available. Trust me we are patiently waiting for him to come back on social media and spill more tea.

Since Rob’s Instagram page has been disabled he has taken to Twitter to continue his massacre of Chyna. He has posted her nudes without emojis on Twitter and after awhile were taken down.

Rob’s tone seems to be more somber now. He posted a series of tweets about how he “loved Chyna as my wife and accepted all the wrong she did” an stayed loyal. He then goes on to confirm what many people assumed that Chyna was only into him to get back at her ex baby daddy Tyga.

Some backstory is needed for this to make sense. Chyna and Tyga used to date and have a kid together. Then Tyga dumped Chyna for Kylie Jenner who was only 17-years-old, but they didn’t become official until she turned 18 because of legal reasons. This wouldn’t be the first time Tyga fooled around with a minor. Once Chyna and Rob got involved everyone was skeptical that she wasn’t actually interested in him, but rather wanted to get back at his family and Tyga. Looks like Rob is confirming what everyone once thought was true. But to have a baby out of spite is more than a long con, but rather a lifelong con.

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