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We Are 100% Here For Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen’s Bromance


Just in case your day needs brightening with the help of an adorable bromance (the usual rainy day cure!), here are our official picks for the most adorable BFFs ever: Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

Personally, my love of this bromance has been cultivated for years, but it culminated when I saw them on tour together (more on that later), so I am going to take you through every step of this beautiful friendship.

Meet Anderson Cooper:

Credit: CNN

He is a CNN anchor, a silver fox and the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

Cooper is an incredibly talented journalist, having covered Hurricane Katrina, the genocide in Somalia, the Iraq War and the 2016 election, among many other things.

While Anderson Cooper is a serious professional and a noteworthy journalist, he is also kind of a goofball on the side. This is proven if you skip to 01:51 to see him lose it on air about the word “pussywillow.”

Now, meet Andy Cohen:

Credit: Girl With No Job

Cohen is a Bravo producer, a late night talk show host and a bestselling author.

Andy Cohen is the executive producer at Bravo, but fans might know him better from his talk show Watch What Happens Live, his iconic hosting of the Real Housewives reunions and/or his adorable dog Watcha.

The two men seem like an unlikely pair, but lo and behold, they are actually the best of friends.

Vanity Fair

Celebrity Facts

They have been friends for roughly 20 years and first met when a mutual friend tried to set them up on a date. Though Anderson wasn’t feeling the chemistry, the became buds. Who knew that an awkward blind date would lead to a best friendship?

Here are all the reasons that we should all be envious of their friendship.

1. They hang out with each other’s pets.

@therealwacha had a secret message for me

A post shared by andersoncooper (@andersoncooper) on

all during the Superbowl @therealwacha was whispering secrets in my ear. photo by his human @bravoandy

A post shared by andersoncooper (@andersoncooper) on

I am sure that Watcha Cohen and Lilly Cooper have some of the best doggy play dates in all of Manhattan.

2. They know each other’s parents.

Super fun to have my folks in the #ac2live audience on Friday night!

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

3. They travel together.

Caught a silver fox swimming by a deserted island!

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

#Phoenix & #SaltLakeCity – do we have a date this weekend?? @ac2live

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

AC CUBED!!! Atlantic City, we're heading your way for a sold out night of AC2. See you soon!

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

Riding the rails to #Baltimore & then #Providence for a weekend of @ac2live!

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

Brazil, Tahiti, all around the United States — we can only imagine the fun that these two have together.

4. They have some dope mutual friends.

Hump day fun with my pals!

A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on


5. They appear on each other’s shows.

6. They raise money for charity together.

The duo has been touring around the country and doing shows together. Following the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last summer, they added a show in Orlando and donated all the proceeds, $240,000, to OneOrlandoFund to support the survivors and families of victims.

All in all, these two are for sure the bromance to watch.

Thank you for gracing us with your beautiful friendship, we love you, boys!

Shivani Gonzalez is an editorial intern at College Candy. Originally from Upstate New York but going to school in Canada, Shivani is pursuing a BA in Political Studies from Queen's University. Most importantly, she is obsessed with all things pop culture.