Take A Break From All The Drama With The Help Of These Hilarious Kris Jenner Memes










Are you keeping up with this whole thing? Honestly, me neither. Yes, Rob Kardashian exposed Chyna on Instagram and even went so far as to leak her nudes. Yes, Blac Chyna might sue him. And finally, yes, Blac Chyna’s alleged side dude came out of the woodwork to come for Rob. Still with me? Probably not. It’s a lot to take in, but somewhere, Kris Jenner has a dossier full of all of this information.

If there’s one thing the internet knows better than it knows itself, it’s the power of Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Jenner/Kardashian fam. Kris Jenner is a powerful empress and we are all just living in her world. Twitter knew that Kris Jenner would be on top of this whole situation and responded in the best way possible: with memes.

Take a moment and laugh in the face of this whole messy, gross drama.



Ok, this one is unrelated but still amazing.


Wherever Kris Jenner may be, just know that by next week we may have forgotten this whole situation, and in the end, just as it is with the rising and setting of the sun, it will be because of Queen Kris.

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