These Teen Girls Were Arrested For Breaking Into A Water Park & Documenting It On Snapchat

Growing up in the age of social media has its ups and downs, but the best advice anyone can give is that anything you post on social media will stay there forever. Because social media is so engrained in our daily lives, people forget that what you post can have repercussions. The best rule of thumb is if it’s illegal, don’t post it… Maybe don’t even do it in the first place. These two South Carolina teenagers could have taken that advice over the weekend.

Logan Larrimore, 18, and Farren Lane, 18, broke into South Carolina’s largest water park, Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park, after hours and documented the entire night on Snapchat. One of their Snapchat viewers called the police on the two girls after she realized that they were breaking into the water park. The State says that the police report states that the Snapchat videos “clearly depict the offenders inside of the waterpark after hours.”

Larrimore stated at one point that “we went down all the slides,” and allegedly admitted to “jumping the fence” to get inside the water park.¬†On top of trespassing, Larrimore and Lane recorded themselves stealing and eating $8 worth of Italian ice cups. Climbing that fence must have worked up an appetite. They are both being charged with third-degree burglary.

According to the report, the anonymous woman who called the police on the two girls got their names from their Snapchat accounts. The police found them through the DMV. Lesson learned: Always be careful what you post on social media, especially if it’s illegal. Better yet, just refrain from illegal activity.

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