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Boyfriend Redefines #RelationshipGoals With The Help Of A Poster


Mabel Taveras and her boyfriend Kevin Shaw have been together for over two years and are still totally in love. Last month, Kevin surprised Mabel by having a photo of her printed out as a poster. Kevin had the poster hanging up in his room when Mabel saw it… and absolutely loved it. She told BuzzFeed News that she “was almost going to cry” when she saw the poster.

The photo was taken as a promo shot for Kevin’s brand, Hood Hope. He said that Mabel was the “photogenic one” and that he takes photos of his girlfriend “all the time.” Twitter totally fell for the cuteness.

Kevin has really raised the bar for boyfriends everywhere. Girls are replying to Mabel’s tweet by tagging their boyfriends and letting them know that they’re slacking.

Some girls are bragging that their boy already has them covering their walls.

Most of Mabel’s mentions are filled with people asking if they can get a copy of the poster. It is a great picture and a perfect piece of outreach for Kevin’s brand. They are also asking where they can buy her Hood Hope shirt and the piece was actually sold out for awhile. Luckily, it’s now back up on the site.

This is hands down the cutest relationship I’ve ever seen. Seeing this right after finding out Rihanna also has a man really has got me and girls everywhere feeling some type of way. Summer flings are out, starting now.

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