24 TV Quotes That Perfectly Capture The True Struggle Of College









College is great. It is literally four years of guiltlessly spending your time hanging out with friends, trying new things and seeing where the wind takes you.

As free and fun as college is, it can also be tough. It’s weird and confusing and also a little overwhelming.

Here are 24 relatable TV quotes that perfectly capture the true struggles of college.

Sleepless nights happen way more often than you like.

And then the one time you stay in and give yourself the night to rest, it feels weird.

It’s okay,¬†though because coffee always has your back.

But one cup never seems to be enough.

So, Sundays have become your savior.

Sometimes, even that is not enough and you have to block your whole weekend off for catching up on sleep. (Because chances are, you spent the whole weekend going out!)

And getting ready for a night out is never easy. Finding the perfect outfit always takes hours and more than likely you end up wearing your go-to outfit that you wore just last week.

You finally make it to the party but you need more drank.

But there are always those people who are so out of control it’s just annoying.

Luckily, you’re easily distracted because your crush just walked in and you don’t know how to play it cool.

Or you might be less lucky and you end up spending the night talking to someone you’re not interested in while trying to find a nice way to tell him/her to get lost.

And then you run into the person you went home with last weekend and it’s awkward.

So, obviously drunk eats are the best way to break the tension and you start coming up with creative things to do with your snacks.

Reflecting back on the night with your friends the next morning is almost as great as the night before.

This pretty much describes how we feel at any time ever.

Special shout-out to pizza, the ultimate college staple.

Tacos are pretty great, too.

But then finals roll around and not even comfort food always does the trick.

Especially when the professors decided to add new material the week before the exam.

And by the end of the week, your brain is straight mush.

And you decide to turn to denial.

Which turns into an existential crisis because who actually knows what they want to do with their life?

And things start escalating.

But then we realize¬†that it’s okay because we’re young and don’t have to have our whole lives planned out. So, until we get there, we just fake it ’till we make it.

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