It’s About Time We All Thank Dorinda Medley For Existing

The Real Housewives Of New York City wasn’t always so real. For one thing, reality TV is only so real by nature, especially when considering things like production and editing. But RHONY was also missing something… or someone.

When Dorinda Medley entered the scene and grabbed life by the apple, she was a breath of fresh air, bringing a new energy to the show that has revitalized it and given us all someone to cheer for. She’s candid, honest and hilarious in a way that feels unfiltered but always well-meaning. This is a much-needed thing in the face of what can feel like mean-spirited antics from women who do anything and everything to keep up a perfect, polished facade. Dorinda is always, always, always herself, even if it means being a little different or slightly less straight-laced.

Here are some of our favorite moments from Dorinda, many of which are pretty inspiring in everyday situations and not just the Upper East Side.

1. When she summed up just about all of our feelings ever.

Seriously, when does this not apply?

2. When she cooked and decorated and MADE IT NICE.

Not only did Dorinda utter this iconic phrase and create one of the BEST Real Housewives of New York City moments ever, she then played on it later with the help of her tagline the next season.

3. When she clapped back (or should we say clipped back?) at Sonja.

This scene will go down as one of the greatest fights in RHONY history. Sonja (and the restaurant) were no match for Dorinda’s flawless dragging.

4. Every single time she stood up for herself.

Even if Dorinda didn’t always do it perfectly (we don’t advocate for any slut-shaming, for example), she made sure to stay true to herself and to always stand up for herself, even if it meant having to do the hard thing.

5. When she gave a very… well-spoken engagement speech.

Ok, this was the funniest thing ever. Dorinda is hilarious at any given moment, let alone when she’s had a few drinks.

6. Every time she shared about her adorable relationship with her daughter, Hannah.

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Dorinda and Hannah’s relationship is special and their bond is obvious. Dorinda is protective of her daughter and it’s endearing to watch.

7. When she shared a very real moment with Carole in London.

It’s not often in this Bravo franchise that we experience moments that actually feel authentic and unscripted, but as Dorinda and Carole bonded in London and discussed their late husbands, it felt like a real moment from the Real Housewives. 

Though their friendship wasn’t always easy, in the end, they remembered moments like these and moved forward, even marching together in D.C.

Love it!

8. When she revealed her surprising past career.

This shouldn’t be a shock, but it is! It’s such a fitting role for Dorinda, whose enthusiasm is infections and who is actually motivational and inspiring in more ways than one.

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