7 Things We’re Expecting From ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7










Caution: Major spoilers ahead!

The internet has been going crazy over the release of the trailers for season seven of Game Of Thrones and we know why. Since season one, viewers have watched as the Starks were mocked for saying that “Winter is coming,”
and HBO’s promotion for the series includes the hashtag #WinterIsHere. We break down the trailers and everything we’re expecting for season 7, premiering on July 16.


1. The Possible Fall of Cersai Lannister

The trailer opens with Cersei Lannister walking on a map and talking about the enemies that surround her in all directions. In the east, we see Daenerys Targaryen’s unsullied army standing together, King Euron Greyjoy and the ironborn fleet are to the west, Olenna Tyrell with the Sand Snakes in the south, and King of the North, Jon Snow.

The video cuts to Daenerys entering Dragonstone, where she was born, after finally returning to the castle her ancestors built after her and her brother, Viserys, were forced to flee after Robert Baratheon took hold of the Iron Throne from their family. Her unsullied soldiers are then seen in a battle with the Lannister’s army, a chilling moment for fans of the series waiting for Daenerys to finally take back the Iron Throne. Fans of the series say that this battle might happen in Casterly Rock, where the Lannister’s live, and apparently has never been taken by siege. If this battle is won by the Dragon Queen, it will be a major win for Team Daenerys.

2. The Stark Family Together At Some Point

In the second released trailer, we see Bran Stark outside the wall with Meera, which means they’ve made it back alive. Unless Jon has left for that meeting with Daenerys that we also see later in this trailer or busy battling White Walkers in that crazy scene, Bran is making his way closer back to Jon and Sansa. We also see Arya Stark cold in the snow, which makes us think she is also on her way to find her family.


3. A Feud Between Jon & Sansa

The first trailer cuts to men cheering for the King in the North, Jon Snow. Littlefinger is then seen talking to Sansa, who is now the eldest living Stark.

Fans are expecting these scenes to tie together regarding a feud between the “siblings”, after Sophie Turner’s interview about which team she is on saying, “Team Snow? I don’t like that, I’m on Team Stark.” In an interview with SFX magazine, Sophie Turner explains the emotions her character Sansa is experiencing saying, “She definitely feels left out. There’s a little bit of jealousy there. She feels like she deserves the title of Queen in the North…” She continues by saying, “All she wants is the respect of her brother, and she feels like she’s not getting that.”

We now know these two to be cousins and not siblings, after learning from Bran that Jon is actually the son of Lyanna Stark, which Eddard Stark kept secret from everyone. Many fans speculate he is the son of Rhaegar Targeryen, making Jon the rightful heir to the throne, beating out Daenerys.

4. The Night King & Brandon Stark

There’s a moment where Bran’s eyes are white, and we see crows flying over the Night King’s army. He quickly looks up and seems to notice the crowd, which we’ve seen last season means he can find Bran.

Last season, we saw Bran marked by the Night King while in a vision, which allowed the Bran to be found and allowed for the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven to be entered, unlike it was previously. The walkers were kept out from magic, which was broken after being marked.

Uncle Benjen was seen in the finale of season six after fans thought he was dead, even though he is. Viewers learn that the wall contains magic that prevents the undead from crossing it. Fans have noted that if the two are related, once Bran crosses through the Wall, he opens the wall for the undead to cross it too.

5. An Alliance Between Daenerys and Jon Snow

Ser Davos is seen making a powerful statement that it’s important for them to stick together to fight otherwise they will all die, and if not, “It doesn’t matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne”.

More fighting, fires, Dothraki jumping from horse to horse can then be seen, showing viewers we can expect some epic battles in this season like we want. The trailer ends with Daenerys’ dragons roaring and Jon saying, “The Great War is here.”

The trailer shows fans that they won’t be disappointed with the season, as we can finally see Daenerys sailing the sea to Westeros. Leaked pictures online also show that Jon Snow and Daenerys will meet by what looks to be the third episode of the season. Many speculate the two might become romantically involved in order to band together over the fight for the Iron Throne. The Targaryen’s have been involved in incest before in order to keep their blood line “pure,” however, these two do not know they are related. Hopefully, Bran can get there in time in order to inform Jon of his parentage.

6. Euron Greyjoy As The Worst Villain In GOT’s History

Euron Greyjoy was first introduced in season six, where we first saw him in a scene with his brother, Balon, where he throws him off a bridge to take rule of the Salt Throne as King of the Iron Islands. He says of his plans to combine forces with Daenerys, who is unwed, and take the Iron Throne with their combined efforts. However, Yara and Theon travel faster to Daenerys and form an alliance to provide her ships and in return she will kill their uncle.

We see his boats traveling across the sea to King’s Landing, after what seems to be a battle with Daenery’s forces, and Cersei speaking with him while standing in front of the Iron Throne. This makes us wonder if there were any deaths in that battle on the sea, or if Daenerys and her dragons were able to set fire to his ships, which we see in the trailer.

7. A Crazy Battle Between Jon & The White Walkers

We see Jon and what seems to be only 12 men standing around him ready to battle against the White Walkers. In the promotional posters released for the season, we see Jon’s face blue, and the reflection of the Night King in his eye. We see an epic battle in the trailer where Jon seems to be riding off alone at the end, making us wonder if he lost those other 11 men who stood beside him in the battle, including The Hound, Tormund, and Beric Dondarrion (PSA: the one with the sword on fire).

If this battle will be anything like the previous battle of the undead vs. Jon Snow then fans can know to expect a great scene with plenty of deaths.

Courtesy HBO

Here are a few of our expectations for season seven, and we’re excited to see who will win and who will fall. With only six episodes expected for season eight’s release in 2019, the game of winning the Iron Throne will come to an end very soon. As a show where anything can happen, fans will be kept on their toes until the very end.

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