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This 100-Year-Old Woman Credits Wine For Helping Her Live So Long


international wine day

While with each passing decade human lifespans grow steadily longer, it is still unusual to come across someone who has lived into the triple digits.

A Maine resident, Florence Bearse, recently celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends, and of course everyone has been pressing her as to what habits, exercise, or diet she has been practicing to live such a long life.

“I like my wine,” the truly iconic woman told local TV station WLBZ, “Don’t take it away from me.”

Girl, we wouldn’t dream of it.

Her loved ones honored her with cake, a mountain of gifts, and balloons, along with a bottle of her favorite wine (of course.)

She also had a little more advice for those looking to live as long as she: “Don’t take any baloney.”

Well said.

While studies link consistent wine consumption to cancer, rosacea, and more, Bearse credits it for her long and healthy life. You can guess which source I’m going to choose to abide by.


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