Blac Chyna Gets A Restraining Order On Rob Kardashian

It was a busy morning for Blac Chyna. The reality television star appeared on Good Morning America to talk about how she was recently a victim of revenge porn. Her ex fiancé and baby daddy Rob Kardashian posted her nude photos, without her consent last Wednesday. Chyna filed for a temporary restraining order on Rob this morning as well.

In the state of California revenge porn is illegal and it’s looking like Chyna is going to use the law to its fullest extent. Her first step was filing a temporary restraining order. Rob ended up agreeing to Chyna’s temporary restraining order, which means he is prohibited from posting personal information about Chyna. This includes photos.

Chyna is “devastated” about the nude photos. She¬†turned to legal action because they couldn’t handle their issues personally. Chyna said in her Good Morning America interview that “the moral of the story is that he doesn’t respect me, so if you can’t respect me, you have to respect the law.”

Rob has hired Robert Shapiro, who worked with his late father on the O.J. Simpson murder case. Shapiro released a statement through TMZ that his actions were “a spontaneous reaction that he regrets.” Either way he posted her nudes multiple times on multiple platforms.


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